A New Economy–Piling Onto Sustainability

November 3, 2008

A colleague has suggested that I keep my posts to shorter and simpler reflections. This one is about as simple as it gets–I am joining the bandwagon of economists, politicians, scientists, builders, environmentalists, and earthworms who think that the new economy is staring us in the face. America’s energy infrastructure and manufacturing base must convert itself quickly to sustainable industries. And I’m not talking about high tech industries either–we can keep things very basic and still lead the world.

Thomas Friedman’s book has gotten a lot of heckles from the intelligentsia, but his basic notion is right–let’s go green, and let’s make it quick to get the U.S. economy rolling again. We have everything in place–the scientific knowhow, the venture capitalists, the manufacturing platforms (albeit retooled), the building technology, the ethical and moral backbone (churches, social service groups, community organizations), the educated population yearning for a better way to live. Who is not on board?–let’s say it again and louder:  the politicians and the business leaders.

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