Peter Gleick’s Courageous Defense of the Environment

February 28, 2012

I have been following, with more than partisan interest, the controversy surrounding Peter Gleick’s supposed pilfering of confidential files from the conservative Heartland Institute. Peter is a fellow Yalie and a comrade among Yale Russian Chorus alumni. His case has been taken up by our group, among many.

Though I can’t explain the complex story behind what Peter did, the fact that he had the courage to stand up to rich, powerful and increasingly belligerent nay sayers on climate change is an inspiration to all who care about the breakdown of discourse in America. More important, here was a renowned scientist standing up to bullying by right-wing ideologues who are intent on helping self-serving corporations destroy our environment. What he did was unorthodox and clearly beyond the bounds of journalistic transparency, but the people he was fighting have done much worse without any criticism or scrutiny.

Those of us who conserve buildings and hope for enlightened policy on environmental conservation should take heart, and take heed, of this controversy. It may be on our own doorstep before long.

6 Responses to “Peter Gleick’s Courageous Defense of the Environment”

  1. […] architect who thinks it’s significant that both he and Gleick attended Yale University, has penned a blog post titled Peter Gleick’s Courageous Defense of the Environment. Despite Gleick’s confession, […]

    • I have been writing blogs on mainly architecture for years and it looks like my first foray into something political has brought out the sharks. My, the rhetoric gets heated and nasty when anyone dares to criticize monied interests. I never get negative comments. I suppose I should continue in the is line and my traffic will pick up.

      Peter is a MacArthur Fellow and a distinguished scientist and nothing he has done changes his status. His Yale education and Russian Chorus membership gave him the guts to speak his mind on controversial topics. He is now the target of a full-fledged smear campaign for an action that is routinely used by his antagonists.

      No one who follows the myriad shell organizations funded by the Koch brothers and their kind would believe that the Heartland Institute is a small, insignificant NGO. Reading Winner Take All Politics, a book by two of the finest political scientists writing today, makes my blood run cold. The billions spent on corporate lobbying, mainly for big banks, corporations and the oil and gas industry, puts the government in the category of just another puppet controlled by the rich. Yes, it’s true that plenty of money is spent arguing about anything that might challenge the supremacy of this oligarchy, on both sides of the aisle, and on both sides of the climate issue. Too bad the scientists can’t just debate among themselves, but they too are pawns.

  2. Lyons said

    You’re joking. ‘Rich, powerful’ ?? Heartland has a few measly millions for all of its programs. Truly powerful NGOs have hundreds of millions. And the government has spent billions promoting AGW. Please stop the canard and meme-creating of powerful, spooky interests. The oil companies and GE give far more to NGOs; they’re in on the gravy train.

    Bullying, right-wing, self-serving corporations, destroying our planet… puh-lease. The Climategate emails I and II are more illustrative of the deception of AGW. The realist websites will tolerate dissenting opinions, whereas RealClimate and deSmog won’t. All the realists want is a change to debate. Science is never ‘settled.’

  3. Wow I thought Yale produced rational, intelligent and responsible citizens. Your lack of honesty and integrity in this post proves Yale has fallen a long way. He is a shameful crook. He committed wire fraud against a small, non-thuggish organization, because his environmental theory he adheres to is being proven inadequate. Big, powerful interests? HI’s whole budget 4.6 million dollars. Largest donor around 1 million dollars. On the other hand Sierra Club received 25 million dollars from fossil fuel corporations. One AGWist lobbying think tank just got 100 million in a gift from one wealthy donor, Climate Watch or Review. The big interests buying and selling lobbyists are on Gleik’s side. You are a clueless guppy in this debate, so unaware of the facts it is a sad joke reading. Someone had to set you straight.

  4. […] an architect who thinks it’s significant that both he and Gleick attended Yale University, has penned a blog post titled Peter Gleick’s Courageous Defense of the Environment. Despite Gleick’s confession, this […]

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