America’s Conscience

January 31, 2014

Pete Seeger’s death on Monday left me sad for the loss of a hero, but also hopeful that our country can recognize his life as one of exemplary moral and spiritual zeal. Pete was in many respects the last truly untainted force for change in a world gone mad with greed and narcissism. His music and his actions were America’s conscience during much of the 20th century. He paid a heavy price for his ethical stands on everything from freedom of speech to environmental degradation in the Hudson Valley. We can thank him by having the courage to follow his example, if only in the smallest and most modest acts of kindness or moral rectitude in the face of the violence and hypocrisy we see all around us.

4 Responses to “America’s Conscience”

  1. Bobby Cousins said

    Pete Seeger was a Communist and lifelong Marxist. He hated capitalism and America. He was a money grabbing hypocrite.

    Woody Guthrie also had Marxist associations throughout his life. Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land” as a way to bash Irving Belin’s song “God Bless America.” Woody Guthrie should have done all of us a favor and moved to the Soviet Union

    • It is sad that Americans can believe such hateful nonsense about people who lived exemplary lives and gave so much love to others. Marxism is a philosophy that, alas, is too little considered today as a tonic to predatory capitalism.

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