Mark Alan Hewitt is an architect, writer, teacher and preservationist. Born in Illinois in 1953, he grew up in Seattle and graduated from Yale College in 1975,  going on to graduate school in architecture at the University of Pennsylvania (M. Arch. 1978). He has taught architecture at Rice, Columbia, Penn and the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. His books include The Architect and the American Country House (Yale 1990), The Architecture of Mott B. Schmidt (Rizzoli, 1991), Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms (Syracuse 2001) and Carrere & Hastings Architects (Acanthus 2006). His latest book, published in July of 2011, is The Vintage House: A Guide to Successful Renovations and Additions (co-authored with former Old House Journal editor, Gordon Bock).

8 Responses to “About”

  1. philly said

    Nicely done. I keep looking for a serious evaluation in the media. There is none.

  2. danmihalache said

    I’m architect too, and I found your site through onother one. I’m born in 1954. To say if Ilike what you wrote? It would be superfluous.
    My own site is mainly for the clients till now. Very useful but I must to do it more artistical.
    Dan, Romania,

  3. danmihalache said

    Hi! “Imust do”, not “to do”, sory.
    I placed some informations on my work in romanian. I’ll translate next week and I’ll post some projects in pdf. But if you like, I can send you some in AutoCAD via email. Also I have to write something about my architectural vision; what I wrote in romanian is at large. But now I have to come to an end with some Projects (dwellings; you don’t know how much bureaucracy is here, how much work that have nothing to do with architecture). Well, I’ll come back.
    All well, Dan.

  4. danmihalache said

    I placed you on “my favourite sites”, do you mind? I would ask, but I thought that I can delete if there is any anger.
    Best regards, Dan.

  5. danmihalache said

    “I call architecture frozen music” said Goethe in a letter to Eckermann; but I think architecture is more than music, frozen or not…

  6. […] the old windows is now cool because preservation is a defacto green lifestyle. Well, Mark Alan Hewitt wrote the following in this post. He’s an architect  & preservationist: […]

  7. Sam said

    As a student of traditional architecture and urbanism, I very much enjoy your thoughts!

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